burgers, gin & cheesecakes
Opernring 11, 1010 Wien
phone +43 1 5356969

business hours:
tue till sat 16:00–01:00
so, mo und Feiertags geschlossen!

küche till 23:00 Uhr

like the butcher:

(3) Gin & Tonic




Botanic, London Dry Gin 40%

Fentimans Tonic / lemon


Saffron Gin 40%

Martini Bianco and Schweppes Tonic / pineapple

Schweppes Tonic / marinated raisins


Blue Gin, Austrian Dry Gin 43 %

Fever Tree Tonic / currants

Thomas Henry Tonic / grapefruit


Fifty Pounds, London Dry Gin 43,5 %

Fever Tree Tonic / lemon and lime

Thomas Henry Tonic / grapefruit


W4 44%

Fever Tree Tonic / mint and lemon

Schweppes Tonic / mint and lemon


Hendrick’s 44% (queen mum)

Fentimans Tonic / cucumber and fresh black pepper


Bulldog, London Dry Gin 40%

Fever Tree Tonic mediterranean / coriander and Lemon

Schweppes Dry Tonic / orange

Thomas Henry Tonic / pineapple


Tanqueray N0.10 47%

Thomas Henry Tonic / lemon and lime


Both’s Old Tom Gin 47%

Fentimans Ginger Beer / blackberries and chilli

Fever Tree Tonic / raspberries

Thomas Henry Tonic / grapefruit


Monkey 47, Schwarzwald Dry Gin 47%

Fever Tree Tonic / lemongrass and wild berries

Thomas Henry Tonic / lemongrass and grapefruit

Schweppes Tonic / lemongrass


The London N0.1, Original Blue Gin 47%

Fentimans Tonic / lime and lemon

Schweppes Tonic / lime and lemon


Blackwood’s, Vintage Dry Gin 60%

Fentimans Ginger Beer / mint and fresh ginger

Schweppers Tonic / green olives






Broker’s 40 %, Dry Martini, Campari


Tom Collins

Tanqueray Rangpur 41,3 %, Lemon juice, simple syrup, soda


Gin Fizz

Broker’s 40 %, lemon juice, simple syrup, soda


Singapore Sling

Tanqueray Rangpur, cherry liqueur, herb liqueur, lemon juice


Gin Gimlet

Broker’s 40 %, lime juice


Gin Sour

Broker’s 40 %, lemon juice, simple syrup



weitere-gin Kopie


Blue Gin, Austrian Dry Gin 43%


Fifty Pounds, London Dry Gin 43,5%


Blackwood’s, Vintage Dry Gin 60%


Bulldog, London Dry Gin 40%


Adler Berlin, Dry Gin 42%


Citadelle 44%


No. 209 46%


Death’s Door 47%


Pink 47, London Dry Gin 47%


Oxley, London Dry Gin 47%


Junipero, Dry Gin 49,3%


Botanic, London Dry Gin 40%


W4 44 %


Hendrick’s 44%


Monkey 47, Schwarzwald Dry Gin 47%


Tanqueray No. 10 47,3%


Total Dry Gin, Biological Gin 38%


O Gin, Organic Gin 40%


The Botanical’s, London Dry Gin 42,5%


The Duke, Munich Dry Gin 45%


Saffron Gin 40%


Both’s Old Tom Gin 47%


The London No.1, Original Blue Gin 47%


Gilt, Single Malt Scottish Gin 40%


Tanqueray Rangpur 41,3%


Gin Mare, Mediterranean Gin 42,7%


Beefeater Burrough’s Reserve, Oak Rested Gin 43%


Berliner Brandstifter, Berlin Dry Gin 43,3%


Gin Sul, Dry Gin 43%


A/JST, Styrian Pale Gin 43,5%


Keckeis, London Dry Gin 45%


Ferdinand’s, Saar Dry Gin 44%


Larios 12, premium Gin 40%





Schweppes Tonic Water / Dry Tonic Water (0,2l)


Schweppes Pink Pepper PremiumTonic Water (0,2l)


Thomas Henry Tonic Water (0,2l)


Fentimans Tonic Water (0,125l)


Fever Tree Tonic Water (0,2l)


Fever Tree Mediterranean Tonic Water (0,2l)


Fentimans Ginger Beer (0,125l)


Schweppes Ginger B. (0,2)