burgers, gin & cheesecakes
Opernring 11, 1010 Wien
phone +43 1 5356969

business hours:
tue till wed 17:00–01:00
thu till sat 17:00–02:00

like the butcher:







roast beef

Tullnerfelder beef, tartar sauce



Tullnerfelder beef, rocket, mustard sauce or lemon-olive oil-vinaigrette





Butcher’s caesar salad

parmesan, croutons, bacon, homemade caesar dressing



with roasted chicken filet

with grilled, organic black tiger prawns

with chicken filet and organic black tiger prawns


leaf salad with pulpo

rocket, tomato, grilled octopus, mango dressing


leaf salad with goat cheese -veg.-

colourful leaf salad, tomato, goat cheese, black and green olives, mango dressing, nuts


colourful leaf salad -veg.-

with lemon- or mango dressing







on a sesame bun with red onions, lettuce, tomato
and homemade ketchup



on a sesame bun with cheddar, red onions, lettuce, tomato
and homemade ketchup


bacon burger

on a sesame bun with crispy bacon, red onions, lettuce, tomato
and honey-mustard sauce


bacon cheeseburger

on a sesame bun with cheddar, crispy bacon, fried onions, lettuce,
tomato and honey-mustard sauce


chili burger

on a chili bun with lettuce, salsa, chopped chili peppers and
homemade ketchup


steakhouse burger

beef fillet on a black sesame brioche, red onions, lettuce, tomato,
with a side of barbecue sauce


chicken teriyaki burger

chicken filet slices on a chili bun with rocket, curry dip, tomato,
mango chutney and cilantro


pulpo ’n’ pork burger

minced pork on a chili bun with red onions, lettuce, honey-mustard sauce,
antipasti vinaigrette and grilled octopus tentacles on top


surf ’n’ turf burger

minced beef on a black sesame brioche, pak choi, green onions, salsa,
homemade ketchup and organic black tiger prawns on top


prawn burger

organic black tiger prawns on a black sesame brioche, pak choi, green onions,
grilled tomato, salsa and homemade ketchup


black bean burger -veg.-

crispy beanburger on a ciabatta, cheese, lettuce, tomato, guacamole and
yellow boletus mushrooms


halloumi burger -veg.-

halloumi cheese marinated in red wine vinegar on a ciabatta with rocket,
tomato, mango chutney, guacamole, antipasti vinaigrette and cilantro


corn burger -veg.-

cornburger on a ciabatta with fried onions, corn, lettuce, green onions,
grilled tomato and cocktail sauce







filet steak 200g / 300g

Tullnerfelder beef with bacon green beans and one additional
side dish of your choice


rib eye 280g

with bacon green beans and one additional side dish of your choice


side dishes & sauces

steak fries / polenta sticks / rosemary hashbrowns / caesar salad /
leaf salad with lemon dressing / coleslaw


guacamole / salsa / bbq sauce / spicy mayo / tartar sauce /
blue cheese sauce / honey-mustard sauce / cocktail sauce / mango chutney /
herb sauce / garlic sauce / curry dip / homemade ketchup






New York Cheesecake

Kissed by vanilla bean, the velvety cream cheese
nestles into its whole grain bed of shortbread and
tucks itself up in a blanket of sour cream.



Karamell-Fleur de sel Cheesecake

The cream cheese decides to take a little afternoon nap
on the beach. It awakens with a crisp, brown layer of
caramel — on it’s stomach is the autograph of an acorn.



Oreo Cheesecake

Vanilla cream rings up, asking for the chocolate cookie.
Hello? Yes, that’s fine. But I’m bringing my cousin
who’s also a chocolate cookie — All that in a cheesecake.












Botanic, London Dry Gin 40%

Fentimans Tonic / lemon


Saffron Gin 40%

Martini Bianco and Schweppes Tonic / pineapple

Schweppes Tonic / marinated raisins


Blue Gin, Austrian Dry Gin 43 %

Fever Tree Tonic / currants

Thomas Henry Tonic / grapefruit


Fifty Pounds, London Dry Gin 43,5 %

Fever Tree Tonic / lemon and lime

Thomas Henry Tonic / grapefruit


W4 44%

Fever Tree Tonic / mint and lemon

Schweppes Tonic / mint and lemon


Hendrick’s 44% (queen mum)

Fentimans Tonic / cucumber and fresh black pepper


Bulldog, London Dry Gin 40%

Fever Tree Tonic mediterranean / coriander and Lemon

Schweppes Dry Tonic / orange

Thomas Henry Tonic / pineapple


Tanqueray N0.10 47%

Thomas Henry Tonic / lemon and lime


Both’s Old Tom Gin 47%

Fentimans Ginger Beer / blackberries and chilli

Fever Tree Tonic / raspberries

Thomas Henry Tonic / grapefruit


Monkey 47, Schwarzwald Dry Gin 47%

Fever Tree Tonic / lemongrass and wild berries

Thomas Henry Tonic / lemongrass and grapefruit

Schweppes Tonic / lemongrass


The London N0.1, Original Blue Gin 47%

Fentimans Tonic / lime and lemon

Schweppes Tonic / lime and lemon


Blackwood’s, Vintage Dry Gin 60%

Fentimans Ginger Beer / mint and fresh ginger

Schweppers Tonic / green olives






Broker’s 40 %, Dry Martini, Campari


Tom Collins

Tanqueray Rangpur 41,3 %, Lemon juice, simple syrup, soda


Gin Fizz

Broker’s 40 %, lemon juice, simple syrup, soda


Singapore Sling

Tanqueray Rangpur, cherry liqueur, herb liqueur, lemon juice


Gin Gimlet

Broker’s 40 %, lime juice


Gin Sour

Broker’s 40 %, lemon juice, simple syrup



weitere-gin Kopie


Blue Gin, Austrian Dry Gin 43%


Fifty Pounds, London Dry Gin 43,5%


Blackwood’s, Vintage Dry Gin 60%


Bulldog, London Dry Gin 40%


Adler Berlin, Dry Gin 42%


Citadelle 44%


No. 209 46%


Death’s Door 47%


Pink 47, London Dry Gin 47%


Oxley, London Dry Gin 47%


Junipero, Dry Gin 49,3%


Botanic, London Dry Gin 40%


W4 44 %


Hendrick’s 44%


Monkey 47, Schwarzwald Dry Gin 47%


Tanqueray No. 10 47,3%


Total Dry Gin, Biological Gin 38%


O Gin, Organic Gin 40%


The Botanical’s, London Dry Gin 42,5%


The Duke, Munich Dry Gin 45%


Saffron Gin 40%


Both’s Old Tom Gin 47%


The London No.1, Original Blue Gin 47%


Gilt, Single Malt Scottish Gin 40%


Tanqueray Rangpur 41,3%


Gin Mare, Mediterranean Gin 42,7%


Beefeater Burrough’s Reserve, Oak Rested Gin 43%


Berliner Brandstifter, Berlin Dry Gin 43,3%


Gin Sul, Dry Gin 43%


A/JST, Styrian Pale Gin 43,5%


Keckeis, London Dry Gin 45%


Ferdinand’s, Saar Dry Gin 44%


Larios 12, premium Gin 40%





Schweppes Tonic Water / Dry Tonic Water (0,2l)


Schweppes Pink Pepper PremiumTonic Water (0,2l)


Thomas Henry Tonic Water (0,2l)


Fentimans Tonic Water (0,125l)


Fever Tree Tonic Water (0,2l)


Fever Tree Mediterranean Tonic Water (0,2l)


Fentimans Ginger Beer (0,125l)


Schweppes Ginger B. (0,2)








Coca Cola / Cola light









Red Bull



Makava delighted ice tea



John Lemon, rhurbarb limonade



Schweppes Ginger Ale



Fentimans Ginger Beer



Cranberry soda



Wostok tarragon ginger



Wostok date pomegranate



Schweppes Bitter Lemon







Schweppes Tonic Water  (0,2l)


Schweppes Pink Pepper Premium Tonic Water  (0,2l)


Thomas Henry Tonic Water (0,2l)


Fentimans Tonic Water (0,125l)


Fever Tree Tonic Water (0,2l)


Fever Tree Mediterranean Tonic Water (0,2l)

Fever Tree Aromatic Tonic Water (0,2l)


Schweppes Ginger B. (0,2l)


Fentimans Ginger Beer (0,125l)





Sepp Wurzinger’s cloudy apple juice



Pago apple juice



Pago orange juice



Pago apricot juice



Pago mango juice



Pago currant juice



Schäfer organic apricot-apple juice



Schäfer organic strawberry-apple juice



Schäfer organic peach-apple juice






Römerquelle bubbly or still

(0,33l / 0,75l)





Soda raspberry, elder blossom or lemon







Espresso / Espresso Ristretto


Espresso Doppio


Melange / Cappuccino


Café Latte


green tea / Earl Grey -organic


fruit tea / chamomile tea /  herbal tea / pepepermint tea





draft beer



(0,33l) / (0,5l)


Zipfer Drei

(0,33l) / (0,5l)


Kaltenhauser Kellerbier

(0,33l)  / (0,5l)


Wieselburger Spezial

(0,33l)  / (0,5l)



bottled beer


Edelweiss Hofbräu



Schladminger Biozwickl



Gösser Naturgold -non-alcoholic-



Zipfer lime shandy






Butcher’s Red or White (Sepp Wurzinger) (0,125l)


Grüner Veltliner

Weinviertel DAC Classic 2012
Hofbauer-Schmidt , Hohenwarth / Weinviertel

(0,125l)  / (0,75l)



Hackenberg 2012
Roland Kroiss, Sievering / Vienna

(0,125l) / (0,75l)


Muskateller Ratsch


Kögl, Southern Styria

(0,75l / 125l )


Gemischter Satz 

Franz-Michael Mayer, Grinzing / Vienna

(0,125l) / (0,75l)



Eisenberg DAC Béla-Jóska 2012
Wachter-Wiesler, Deutsch-Schütz / Burgenland

(0,125l)  / (0,75l)


Zweigelt 2012

Gernot Heinrich, Gols / Burgenland

(0,125l)  / (0,75l)



White wine spritzer


Aperol spritz / Hugo






Carpenè Malvolti Prosecco




Schlumberger Champagne, Brut Natur



Perrier-Jouët Grand Brut Champagne



Perrier-Jouët Blason Rosé Champagne







Cachaça, cane sugar, lime



Vodka, cane sugar, lime



Rum, mint, soda, lime


Cuba Libre

Rum, cola, lime


Persian Mule

Rum, ginger beer, lime, cucumber


Moscow Mule

Vodka, ginger beer, lime, cucumber


Black Russian / White Russian

Vodka, kahlua, cream


Vodka Gimlet

Vodka, lime juice, lime


Vodka Fizz

Vodka, lemon juice, soda


Butcher’s wife on holidays

Vodka, tomato juice, black pepper, tabasco, umbrella


Long Island Ice Tea

Rum, vodka, gin, cointreau


Caipiginger -non-alcoholic -

Ginger Ale, cane sugar, lime





Evan Williams Kentucky Straight Bourbon 12y



Oban 14y 43 % Highlands



Lagavulin 16y 43 % Islay



Singleton of Dufftown 12y 40 % Speyside



Glen Deveron 10y Scotch Whisky 40 %



Glenfarclas 12y 43 % Speyside







(2cl / 4cl)


Stolichnaya Elite

(2cl / 4cl)


Grey Goose

(2cl / 4cl)



(2cl / 4cl)


Russian Standard

(2cl / 4cl)



(2cl / 4cl)




Havana Club Añejo 3 Años


Havana Club Añejo 7 Años


Zacapa Centenario 15y


Ron Brugal Añejo


Ron Brugal Blanco






Hennessy VS


Remy Martin VSOP





Jose Cuervo Silver

(2cl / 4cl)


Jose Cuervo Gold

(2cl / 4cl)





Campari .






Martini Bianco


Martini Extra Dry


Averna Amaro Siciliano





Amaretto Disaronno


Baileys Irish Cream


Grand Marnier Cordon Rouge





Kuenz apple barrel


Kuenz pear


Kuenz apricot


Nonino Grappa il Merlot


Poli Grappa Sarpa