burgers, gin & cheesecakes
Opernring 11, 1010 Wien
phone +43 1 5356969

business hours:
tue till wed 17:00–01:00
thu till sat 17:00–02:00

like the butcher:

Dear guests!

We have on the 23. and 24. 12.2018 as well
on 30.12, 31.12.2018 and on 01.01.2019

On one occasion,
the cow summed it up quite nicely:
“One does not love because. Instead, one loves in spite of.”
For instance: the cow loves the man named Hödl,
who sells her delicious meat to us.

Mr Hödl is the most renowned master of meats in all of Vienna.
He knows every cow by name, picks them up from the farm himself,
and even slaughters them personally.
We’d like to call him a butcher, but that’s a different story.

This particular story is about a burger.
The sort of burger that has never been seen before in Vienna, let alone tasted.
The very same goes for the cheesecakes.
The same for the Gin and Tonics, the likes of which have never been encountered
in this unique fashion. Only one rule applies:

Obey the food chain.